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Halfway up the Miskatonic River in central Massachusetts, between the mostly quiet college town of Arkham and the tourist trap of Dunwich, lies Syataqwa Island. No one knows how to pronounce that name. The indigenous tribes claim it comes from an Elder God who built the island untold aeons ago for some purpose best left unexplored. The average suburbanite, of course, laughs all this off. Over a century has passed since the Dunwich Horror of 1928 and the incident at Innsmouth the year before, and the hipsters who moved here out of Boston and NYC to start overpriced microbreweries and gastropubs put names like Dagon and Yog-Sothoth on their IPAs and $30 pumpkin spice kale salads to give them that #local #cachet #OldOnes.

The Miskatonic University System runs a branch of their Extension Service on Syataqwa Island, mainly to support various archaeological projects, but also to help local small businesses and hold summer classes for their Distance Ed students. DoomGuy, after the events of Doom 2, returned to Earth and enrolled in Miskatonic’s MBA program. When he stepped off the Dunwich-Arkham ferry one afternoon, however, he found something had gone horribly wrong. The business instructors uncovered management practices not meant for mortals, and now the geometry of the Peaslee Business Center makes no sense! The Doom monsters are back, but some of them appear out of nowhere without even a teleport flash. Someone...or something...is tearing the fabric of reality apart, and it’s up to you to stop it!

Install instructions

This mod requires a copy of DOOM2.WAD and ZDoom 2.8.1 or any recent (3.3 or later) version of GZDoom.  You can buy Doom 2 on Steam (or try Freedoom) and download (G)ZDoom from zdoom.org.  This mod was made with the hardware renderer in mind, so make sure your Render Mode is set to "OpenGL-Accelerated" under Options --> Set Video Mode.



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