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In the year 3XXX, humans have arrived in the Mycorrhizae Galaxy, a fantastic space filled with strange plantozoid aliens and even stranger Space Plants.   These plants look like ordinary Earth plants, but they're so large they have to be grown 8 at a time on their own planet!  Grow Space Fruit the size of asteroids....

This game has been tested on OSX, but not Windows/Linux.  For best results, use a 16:9 aspect ratio resolution, ex. 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1344x756, or 1024x576.

..and store them in your Space Barn to sell terraform planets with the Space Fruit you grow, and defend your interplanetary Space Farm and other inhabited planets from evil hot dogs and other hostile fast food.


Inspired by the Famicase by:

Michael Shillingburg


Katt Strike (@KattStrike)

Programming, Design, Butter Chicken Quesadillas*:

Arjuna Gonzales (@SuperArjunaButt)

Pixel Art: 

Mike Cavataio (@mjcabbages)

Arjuna Gonzales 

Evan Thaxter (@arachnibot)

Micah Wicker (@Uneven_Pixel)

*No Butter Chicken Quesadillas were produced in the making of this game.

Install instructions

This game is designed to be at least partially moddable.  On each version, you should be able to navigate into the Streaming Assets folder and substitute your own graphics for stars, planets, space fruit, and fertilizer/water (just keep the names the same).  You might have to use the Terminal on OSX to do this.  You can edit the fertility/moisture values of the plants and fertilizer/water by editing the files plantData.json and goodieData.json files, respectively.  I will produce a straightforward guide to modding the game and more comprehensive moddability in later versions.

Be careful to keep your substituted images at the same resolution as the originals and make backups!


GalaxyGarden_win64.zip 29 MB
GalaxyGarden_OSX64.zip 32 MB
GalaxyGarden_Linux.zip 46 MB

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