A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


WASD or Arrow keys to move

Space to jump

C to crouch

Z to lean left, X to lean right

Hold Right Shift while walking to run

K to knock on surfaces

Left mouse click to activate easter eggs

Made in Unity with Blender and GIMP for some custom art assets, Qays Al-Mulawwah in Glitchy Madness was a prototype for a first-person stealth game that I later abandoned.  Due to the complicated political issues raised by the game’s subject matter, I needed a background consultant to inform the development of the game’s story, and I was not able to find someone with those qualifications in my professional network.  Starting from an old Unity stealth game tutorial, I made numerous modifications to the AI and the first person character controller, designed 10 short levels to illustrate various mechanics, and added some custom art of my own.  

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading this (again, canceled) prototype.  The .zip should extract with no problems, and the executable will let you select your screen resolution and level of detail.


Qays_in_Glitchy_Madness_1.2.1_win64.zip 142 MB
Qays_in_Glitchy_Madness_1.2.1_OSX64.zip 145 MB
Qays_in_Glitchy_Madness_1.2.1_Linux64.zip 146 MB